What’s New in Your Business?

What’s New in Your Business?

What’s New in Your Business?

Manor True Value Hardware’s Hot, Hot Products

Bishop, CA—It’s hotter than a Dutch oven outside, which is the perfect time to visit Manor True Value Hardware store’s summer specials. From the Big Green Egg®, kettle- styled barbecues to the outdoor fire pits, from the Lodge® cast-iron cookware to the spices / rubs / seasonings for barbecuing, to the discounted swim pools, Manor True Value is the place to start your search for summertime bargains.

The Big Green Egg® is a simple but very versatile, oval-shaped barbecue and smoker (called a kamado grill), and whether you’re grilling at high temperatures (called searing), or using it as a smoker (slow and low), or roasting a chicken / turkey / beef roast, or baking a cobbler or pizza (like in an oven), this easily identifiable barbecue has a real fan club (really), especially of wood / charcoal-fired flavors.

Stephen Christensen, owner of Manor True Value Hardware in Bishop, says the store has discounted pools for jumping into some cool water, “an array of firepits” for ambiance under the stars, and outdoor furniture to turn your outdoor space into your new living space when the weather is decent, shady or at night.

Manor True Value also carries top brand barbecues, charcoals, grilling tools, and woods for smokers. Now’s the time to keep the heat outside, and do some cooking and entertaining at the same time. CAR Photo: Manor True Value Hardware, Bishop, CA, is the spot to stop and take a look-see at the summertime bargains, like the Big Green Egg® barbecue. And, while you’re at it, check out the Lodge cast-iron cookware for that barbecue, or days like recently, when it’s hotter than a Dutch oven. Photo by The Hired Pen

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