On the Delicious Trail 2024

On the Delicious Trail 2024

At Grandma’s Seasonings Restaurant…Home cooking is where this story begins

By Christina Reed
The Hired Pen


“Everyone remembers their grandma’s cooking”–Joel Alarcon

Bishop, CA—Home cooking is at the center of the comfortable atmosphere at Grandma’s Seasoning Restaurant, by the Post Office and Dwayne’s, in Bishop, CA. Grandma’s Seasoning invites everyone to come in and try some home-style menu items, and experience a new locals’ dining spot.

Joel and Carmen are the husband and wife team, who live with their family in Bishop, CA, and their new restaurant venture (open for four months) is inspired by their families’ collective recipes, and an American food focus. “Everyone remembers their grandma’s cooking,” says Joel Alarcon.

Favorites of everyone: breakfast highlights are chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy, Eggs Benedict, pancakes (which will be green for St. Patrick’s Day), corned beef hash, and omelettes. Lunch items, like their sandwiches (hot or cold), wraps, burgers, and pastas, offer a variety of tastes and combinations for your mid-day meal.

Chef Ramon Jimenez, a local favorite in the kitchen, makes the dinner dishes really stand out with flavors and flair. The pasta bowl alfredo, with shrimp, chicken, and steak strips, marinated in a rich alfredo sauce, is a signature dish. Other dinner favorites are their steak plates, and Carmen likes the grilled salmon dish. And, save room for Carmen’s bread pudding for dessert. The caramelized pecans on top of the traditional thick and rich bread, raisins, and custard-like texture of the pudding make this a Grandma’s Seasoning hit. Order a hot cup of coffee, and enjoy the smells and taste’s of a family favorite.

As they sit in their restaurant, Joel and Carmen talk about hosting families, reunions, business lunches, and the upcoming holidays, vacations, and visitors. They are open to suggestions, seating arrangements, daily menu specials, and their future ideas include their Mexican grandmas’ favorites too. Joel remembers a traditional Mexican beef ranchero dish, with tomatoes, onions, chili jalapeño, corn, and cabbage. Carmen is reminded of her “grandma’s abondigas soup” (a meatball soup they serve at the restaurant). Flavors they say, we’ll never forget in our senses. “Grandma’s seasonings is a flavor I will never forget,” Joel says fondly.