Height of Summer 2023

Height of Summer 2023

Camping like an Eastside Pro

By Christina Reed

The Hired Pen

*Not all GPS directions should be followed.

Eastern Sierra, CA—It's the height of the summer camping season. Just days and weeks away from school, and Mammoth Mountain just finished (August 6, 2023) one of its longest skiing and snowboarding seasons (70 feet of snow). And. The travel gates are open, and for some…less than a few weeks from their very late opening for their season.

Come Prepared Call Ahead. Check with your destinations ahead of time. Many places are still digging out / and tourists are just now visiting for the season. Be patient.

Think it so. Ahead of time. Prepare to pivot your plans, and access your level of camping / adventures accurately. Prepare for delays. Traffic. Construction. Come for a day, prepare for a few days. Supplies are sketchy on the Eastside. See it. Buy it.

Plan for changes in plans. Dress in layers in the backcountry.

You bring it in, take it out. Trash is on us.

Get a free campfire permit. Get a wood permit for wooding / camping. The permits allow more information / resources. Set a good example.

Be weather informed. Heads up in the mountains. Clouds say a lot.

Research your options. Plan B, C, and D. The Great Basin region can be difficult at best. Solar abounds, but not necessarily, electric charging stations. This region is remote. Prepare for “What Ifs.”! People forget. Then and now.

Sometimes your best preparations can't beat Mother Nature. That's when you connect with regional efforts to give people a heads up with camping / recreating, safely. Research before you leave home.

*Acclimate yourself with the area. Stay a few days, stock up, and educate yourselves with some residents, business owners, and resources before your adventures. Shop local. Talk local. Some places in the Great Basin aren't even connected to a TV!


1 Camping like an Eastside Pro means doing your research, packing it in / packing it out, and leaving
the campsite better than you found it. Little Virginia Lake

2 Check the weather, fire restrictions, and local happenings before you travel to the eastern Sierra. Tent
camping is available almost anywhere. Bring bug repellents. Mosquitoes are fierce! Photos by The Hired Pen

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