The Six Ps 2024

The Six Ps  2024

Prior Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

By Christina Reed
The Hired Pen


“If we are wise, let us prepare for the worst”–George Washington

Eastern Sierra, CA-This is a sampler of outdoor supplies and emergency gear for all seasons. Remember, disasters and emergencies happen, even to the most prepared of us. Prepare ahead of the storms. * See footnote below.

No Power: Think Camping
PRIOR to the storms and electricity shut-offs, or disasters, or storm cycles, everyone should have some basics on hand. Flash lights, batteries, radio, water and food for everyone, a first aid kit, sanitation (a porta-potty / toilet, and toilet paper), hygiene products (soap and water and a camp shower, using rinse free body bath), a towel and wash cloth, any daily medications, and a power bank or power station. Solar powered devices. Have cash stashed, in case the ATMs, stores, gas stations, and power outages prevent you from accessing your funds.

PROPER USE: Do not burn campfires, generators or barbecues inside your home, garage, shed, or outbuildings. The fumes will kill you. There aren’t any fumes from a power station. But, they must be recharged. Technological and gadget advances have made leaps and bounds in afford ability, availability, durability, and ease of understanding and uses.

PREPARING for disasters and emergencies is an on-going endeavor, every day. Each time you shop, locally, take advantage of the sales at the hardware, outdoor gear, and markets / stores, and stock up and create a small corner for just these unanticipated events.

PREVENTING “things” from happening, in some cases, can be avoided all together, if we simply just didn’t “go there” in the first place. Emergency personnel and services are mainly volunteers, in the eastern Sierra, and it’s an enormous task rescuing and recovering individuals, caught in a bad way. The forecast centers do a good job of keeping advisories, watches, and warnings, up to date and current. And, if it says, “Don’t go out, if you don’t have to.” Don’t.

POOR is a mindset, which can be remedied. The ability to follow a checklist, have a designated place, and have the family’s understanding, is available from emergency preparedness services, and online kits too. It’s affordable, when you consider the positive outcomes.

PERFORMANCE is not something we can entirely perfect. Practicing with tornados, avalanches, and floods is not advisable. However, we can do daily “What Ifs?” with our kids, parents, grandkids, grandparents, neighbors, friends, and travelers, since we’re all in this together. Test your Six Ps with them.

Footnote: *The original “7 Ps,” is a military saying. However, putting in cuss words is not appropriate for all readers.





Photos by The Hired Pen