Presidents’ Day and Week-long Adventures 2024

Presidents’ Day and Week-long Adventures 2024

Try out a new adventure during Presidents’ Day holiday, and stay local for all

By Christina Reed
The Hired Pen


Eastern Sierra, CA—The snow is flying again, and the Presidents’ Day holidays, now a week-long opportunity to try some new adventures, is right in front of us. Winter isn’t over yet, and there are still many places to visit in the eastern Sierra, which don’t require a fortune to experience. And, there are visitor centers, up and down US Highway 395, which allow for stops along the way, and a chance to gather information about what’s happening during our winter months.

“A great day outdoors begins with inspiration, preparation and knowledge”–Eastside Sports

Some businesses, regionally, cater to winter outdoor sports, camping, hiking, biking, climbing, trekking, sightseeing, and fishing. A few of these outdoor specialists, like Eastside Sports, in downtown, Bishop, CA, are world-renown for their expertise in climbing, hiking, camping, and trekking in the Great Basin. Eastside Sports has been providing “quality mountain gear since 1977,” and the store has a rental program for some winter outdoor adventures. Many of pieces of equipment can be universally used for winter activities. Gaiters, for example, a piece of clothing / outer wear similar to leggings, which protect your lower leg and ankle, can make trekking in the snow much easier. Eastside Sports also carries Snowline Chainsen light spikes, which can give you extra traction on icy surfaces or trails.

Renting camping, climbing, hiking, and outdoor gear, like snowshoes, can give you a new experience to try, without investing in a purchase first. Snowshoe rentals, for all ages, is a great way to have a family winter trek, and the trekking poles can be rented too. Winter boots for mountain trekking, crampons, ice axes, and winter camping gear (limited, and no tents) are also available for renting. Moving forward into the spring and summer months, Eastside Sports is a good place to rent crash pads, climbing shoes, backpacks, tents, and other outdoor gear. Again, renting gives you an idea of what the equipment can do and whether or not it’s something meant for you.

Eastside Sports offers customers a chance to see many of the more sophisticated outdoor gear, and the staff are knowledgeable about the purpose, uses, and limitations of the equipment. Shopping online only offers so much in the way of descriptions, and sometimes it’s best to actually get the equipment sized / custom fit, to you. You can also ask questions, with a real person, who can assist you with how each item / product is tailored to a certain activity. And, many of the outdoor products are geared toward year-round use, like water bottles, headlamps, hats and caps, gloves, jackets, camping pants and shorts, solar chargers, waterproof pouches for your phones, and camping utensils for cooking. Store them in your emergency box when you aren’t camping or hiking, and you’re extending the value of the outdoor gear too.

A visit to Eastside Sports can help you extend your knowledge about the area / region with a wide selection of books, maps, guides, and stories / books about interesting people who top the lists of outdoor specialists. Possessing actual hard copies of books allows you to take your information with you, and you don’t need batteries or cell reception to receive the information either. And, when you shop locally at the outdoor gear stores, you’re getting the biggest value for your money too. You get the benefits of specialists who really know the region, and these people live, work, and play here also, so they’ve tested the products for everyone and know the limitations for each piece of equipment. Enjoy your outdoor experiences safely. Pack it in. Pack it out. And, leave the place in better shape than you found it.




Photos by The Hired Pen